Winter Quarter 2009

Things in Isla Vista are back in full swing as the students returned to school 2 weeks ago! The school of discipleship is back on too, and there are some great classes being taught this quarter: Christianity 101, a Beth Moore Study (Breaking Free), and an Incarnational Missions Class. The Christianity 101 class has about 15 people in it (including Jason), and there are several people in it who have come to the Lord recently (anywhere from 18 months ago to 2 months ago, or are still in process!). So, it is such a blessing to be able to have these students have a way to get more grounded in their faith and really understand what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus!

The Beth Moore study has about 8 women in it, and I get to take the class, which is such a HUGE blessing for me! Jason watches the kids that morning while I go for 2 hours to the class! It is pretty intense (there is a workbook with 5 lessons a week to complete on our own and then we watch videos and discuss questions from the workbook during the class time).

The Incarnational Missions Class is taught by a guy who does a lot of ministry in Santa Barbara amongst the unchurched – reaching out to the homeless (he has recently started a gathering with them called “Holy Chaos”, and some of the poor hispanics in Santa Barbara). People have seemed really blessed by the class so far!

Jesus Burgers are back on and it seems to be going well. God has been richly blessing the prayer and worship time before the outreach as His presence shows up and people are ministered to by His Spirit. This last Friday Jason recieved several words of knowledge for differnet people, which led to some incredible conversations! It never ceases to amaze us how God continues to use the foolish things of the world, Jesus Burgers, as a way to bring people into the kingdom of God.

Please continue to pray for His will to be done in IV as many people are sensing an increase of reaping for what has been sown so far this year in the land. God is good, always in a good mood, always doing good!

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