Victory = no more pacifier & no more bear

Last week Hope and Samuel let go of some false comforters…maybe that is a bit overstated, but either way Hope gave up her Pacie and Samuel gave up his bear! Thankful to see my kids come out of such bondage to these things, again that was a joke, kind of.

I took the two of them to get some yogurt as a reward for their victory and new found freedom!



  1. The Ahlswedes says:

    I can see the pacifier, but a bear?!? That is just cruel! I learned in psychology that is perfectly okay to have a comfort object! In fact, most people do!

  2. Jason Lomelino says:

    Oh Shelly – our false securities reveal wrong securities…ditch the comfort objects, rewards await you!

  3. Melissa B says:

    i am honestly sad about the bear too… i hope it wasn't detrimental to samuel. i am already phasing the pacifier out for gracie though – don't want to have to deal with that down the road 🙂 but i hope caleb still holds on to his baby baa and big baa! i think i will be the sad one when he lets those go 🙂

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