The stillness before the storm…

It is that time of year, beginning today till the end of the month…couches, desks, bookshelves, lamps, tvs, clothes, toasters, and much much more gets tossed onto the curb in IV. Every year, for who knows how long, students have to move out and do not have room to take their stuff home – most of which they did not buy with their own money…so what they end up doing is dragging it all to the curb allowing whoever to come and take it for free. My good buddy Mitchell has made a killing to say the least on picking up this stuff and reselling it to the students in the city a few weeks later. I love Mitch, but the sale is in my backyard, so for the next three weeks it is on, hence the stillness before the storm! The first two times he did it he used this massive lot next to Shiloh, the house we lived at with twenty plus people. Last year he worked out a deal with my neighbor using his backyard, which is the same place my office/shed is located…anyway, it’s a crazy extravaganza always making for a deeper dependence on the Prince of Peace and some funny stories afterward. I am wondering if we ever move to a different place in IV if Mitchell will follow us there???

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  1. Where's jess's bike shop?

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