The Joy of Being a Dad

image (8)Raising kids and teaching them the ways of life is not for the faint of heart (at least if you want to do a semi ok job as a parent). We are beginning to teach Joanna how to use a pottie…so far we have had multiple causalities and no success in landing her pee or poo in the training toilet.

In light of thinking about new believers coming into the kingdom I have been telling the family we must be prepared to be ok with mess.  It’s through faith and patience that we inherit the promises (Heb 6) – the promise of people knowing Jesus and seeing a city transformed for His fame. There is no shortcut to helping people grow…it takes time, love, and a willingness to be ok with mess.

Joanna will hit the toilet one of these days and when she does we will rejoice, until then we will love her the same and continue to be her biggest fan!

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  1. Niceeee J, nice!

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