I have come to believe some of the greatest gifts in life are relationships with people…I am beyond thankful for the relationship I have with each of my children! It’s such a joy watching them grow up together and be apart of the life that God has called Holly and I to in Isla Vista…this last week the three kids and I went for a walk to the DP House to say hi to the family – the one picture is of baby J and Hope trying to get Bianca, one of the gals who lives at the DP House, to pick them up and swing them on the hammock behind her. The other is Hope holding a piece of bark that she ripped of the tree while on our walk…for awhile Hope had this affinity with finding snails and ripping their shells off and playing with them… we are thankful that is done and she has moved on to just ripping bark off of trees in IV.

This picture is of Samuel at our house after he got done picking a bunch of oranges with another DP House sister named Lindsay – thanks Lindsay for loving our kids so well!

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