Text Messages

Here are two text messages I sent out to a bunch of brothers the last two days:

This text came to me as a revelation reminder last night while hanging out with God:

“Our greatest priority in life brothers is to know God, not just about Him, but to actually know Him – John 17:3”

This text was sent to a friend who was struggling with condemnation, later I forwarded it to a bunch of guys & two gals:

“Abraham lied, Moses killed, David raped…you’re a new creation today, your identity is a butterfly even if at times you feel like a worm. God sees you in Christ – loved, accepted, and pleasing to Him. How many sins made you a sinner? Answer = 0. You were born into sin. And you didn’t become righteous by doing righteous works, you became righteous by faith in Jesus! It’s finished, now our role is to receive our inheritance as partakers of the divine nature who have been given everything pertaining to life and godliness through the true knowledge of Him. The gospel in not ok news, but super good news…grace brings us into rest, while works bring us into striving. Rest today in what Jesus has done for you…in that you will naturally live out the life your heart so longs to live.”

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