I received a sweet testimony from a guy named Nick who came to IVC for the first time on Sunday:

Hey Jason,

I kinda had a moment last night where a bunch of things clicked after I talked to you..

About 5 years ago I went to this really small prayer/worship house after getting back from a church camp in the Newhall/Santa Clarita area.. I had never been there before but a friend told me about it so I went. A guest spoke there, and I remember him talking about where he came from and how he ministered to the youth, and how he was surrounded by all these kids from this “party-school”. And I distinctly remember him talking about making burgers for the kids and how they gave them the name Jesus burgers. It was a pretty long time ago but the name stuck in my head and I remember being so shocked by your hardcore fearless approach to evangelizing to the youth.. Anyways.. I wanted to share that with you and recognize the seeds that you’ve planted and tell you how amazing it is to see the work you are doing for his kingdom. I am so inspired and now I am going to take a big bite out of this Jesus burgers book!


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