Hey Pastor Jason! Hi I’m &*%*$ (this is not her name, I changed it),, currently a senior at Biola University. I have heard tons about Jesus Burgers and Isla Vista Church through my friends who go to The Chapel in La Habra and from a ministry I was involved in at Biola called Revive. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing blessing and encouragement the IVC ministry has been towards me. I’ve been listening to the JesusLovesIV podcasts ever since this summer consistently and every time the messages just draw out so much life in me. I have also almost read cover to cover Jesus Burgers and Family of God, and I say this without exaggeration…. They are the best Christian Literature books I have read besides the Bible (and that says something cause I go to Bible school where they give us tons to read)!!!! I just feel like the books give such a fresh perspective on truth, and does in a way that intertwines story,experience, trials, and triumphs. I already know what a huge impact you guys have been to IV because I have read and listen to a ton of your guys’ stuff but I just wanted to inform you that even the stuff you don’t see tangible fruit of always like the podcasts and books have done an immense work in my heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. I have an immense amount of respect for you all and I feel in many ways you guys are my mentors even though I have not met you all personally; perhaps one day Lord-willing I can come to Jesus Burgers/IVC soon! May The Lord continue to use you all immensely! So grateful for the books and podcasts, it feels like Christmas when I listen to them! In Christ, &*%*$

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