Whoa I just realize that I never checked in with you about What God is doing in my life, which is crazy, because I mean there is so much going on!!!! So, I read the Jesus Burgers book. I pretty much read it in one sitting. it truly inspired me to see all that God is capable of doing. I was both inspired and horribly disheartened. I read Annalisa’s Story. and I was briefly mentioned as the girl who can to get healing for her arm. And I literally just cried. I was so angry with myself for not pouring in that ministry authentically, for not trusting you all, for not trusting God at that time. I was so ashamed!!! It was at that point that I made a huge decision. I promised myself that I would no longer rob myself of seeing God’s power manifest in my life. And I’m sorry! I’m sure you forgive me but still Jason, you and Holly and those amazing kids, and That beautiful Church are my family and I threw your love in your face every time I went out there and drank or got caught up in my sin. Today, I can honestly say that I try to humbly submit my self to the Lord every day. I’m leading worship for the first time at my church today, I’m in full time ministry. I am committed to seeing revival break out in Los Angeles they way that God used you and Holly and Jacob in Isla Vista!!!! baha I’m a revivalist…weird! So, I just wanted to give you a quick praise report. Also, I’m Still leading college ministry. I’m leading under these really awesome couples. I just help them organize and stuff. But because of what I saw God do through Jesus Burgers, I am so ready to be the vessel that helps capture the Hearts of these students with the Love of Jesus! Keep us lifted up. I pray for you guys often, and I miss you terribly. Also a brother who got saved with you guys ( David O. he’s mongolian) is apart of our core team! kk Send Holly all of my love. Blessings

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