main_image_jesusburgersHello Jason! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Madolyn . I’m a 10th grader and I am from Whittier, California. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why in the world is some random 15 year old emailing me?” It’s kind of a funny story actually. See, my spring break is this week. I’m off from school for a whole week & my grandmother & I were planning on flying out to North Carolina this entire week to visit some family, but there was a change in plans. We’ll be going there in a few months instead. Although, I got a call from my grandmother when she told me that there was a change in plans about a month ago. She called asking me if I’d like to go to Santa Barbara in the meantime for my spring break. I was immediately thrilled with the idea. Then, I realized that ISLA VISTA CHURCH IS LOCATED IN SANTA BARBARA! I bought your book, “Jesus Burgers” about a month or two ago & I think it’s safe to say that I am definitely a fan. I absolutely love it. I read about one story a night as much as possible, and each time I read it, God touches my heart and wrecks me. I’ve cried, laughed, and felt God just use this book to touch me. It’s powerful, Jason. Thanks for writing and publishing it. I’m a fan. I first heard about Jesus Burgers somewhere on the Internet one day, which lead me to the website where I began to watch all the video’s you guys have posted. I’ve even downloaded the entire FMLYBND album and play it everywhere I go. I have just been so blessed by all the things you guys do to glorify the Kingdom to bring heaven to earth. You guys are so radical and I am the same way. Before all of this, I had never heard of a ministry like Jesus Burgers. It is so unique. I grew up in church and my parents were leaders right when our former pastor was starting his church. So I was raised around leaders. I’ve seen so many things in ministry that not the average person ever witnesses. It is very clear that God has called me to be a leader. I apparently have a calling on my life. And I say this, not to brag because that’s foolish. My heart longs to see revival in this generation and world that is just falling to pieces and longing for something greater. I have visions and dreams to see my generation completely wrecked and in love with God. Although, that is no easy task and I am pretty darn sure you are aware of that.┬áMy heart is torn when I pass by people in the halls at school who you can just tell by their expressions and easily read that they are broken and weary. I feel this tug on my heart to do something about it, to be a light in such a dark place. And all the videos, the Jesus Burgers ministry, the book, and all these things have encouraged me and inspired me to be and do greater.

So it turns out that the place we’re staying at is like 10-15 minutes away from the Jesus Burgers house. (yes, I did look up the address). I thought that was pretty crazy and it must have happened that way for a reason. Here is where I am going with this: I figured that since I’ll be in Santa Barbara and have always longed to check out IVC and maybe get involved, I’d do it, since I’ve been given this opportunity. I will be in Santa Barbara from Tuesday to Thursday morning. Is there anything going on during those days? Is there any way I could maybe meet you all and tour the Jesus Burgers house? Or get involved in ministry and go witnessing or something along those lines? I just want a hands-on experience and something to do while I’m there haha. Since the church, the book, and you, radical believers, who have such a fire in your hearts to see this generation changed and transformed for Christ have inspired me, I thought something great could come from this.

With all that being said, I’d like to thank you for your time in reading this novel-long email & I really hope to hear back from you soon. God bless
– Maddy
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