So funny how God works! I went to The Garden Church this morning. I was planning on going to the 9:15am service but… didn’t… But that’s ok! Because God had a plan today! I went to the 11:15am instead and close to the end of the service, from far away, I saw Brendon Peacock walking towards the front to get prayer. My insides exploded… I thought, “AHHH!! My Isla Vista Church FAMILY!!!” I waited until he was all done and spoke to Brendon for a while. Turns out he’s in town for his spring break and was debating whether or not he should go to his parents church or check out The Garden for the first time. Through him I met his two close friends that go to TG who THEN introduced me to some more people. I told them I’ve been meaning to go to the college community group on Monday nights but I never knew where it was held. Turns out.. it’s right down the street from where I live and there are a few girls who live in the same apartments where I live who also go to CSULB. Not only that but… Pastor Derren introduced himself to me today and turns out he got saved at Jesus Burgers when he went to UCSB for a year hahah WHAT?! Had an amazing morning to say the least…

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