Taking risk & learning to love…

This is an email from a guy named Bryce who lives at the DP House…I love hearing about people doing stuff that requires Jesus to show up or nothing will happen. We must remember that the Holy Spirit is always asking us to do stuff that we can’t do unless He shows up…what a fun way to live life!

Hey J,
Chris, Daniel and I went out through Valencia today on a treasure hunt. We found a little bit of treasure too. We started out in Wal-Mart after waiting on the Lord to see who he wanted us to find and didn’t have much luck. So we then went to the mall and ran into a guy who we recognized from Wal-Mart and got to pray over him and Daniel got words for him. That was sweet. Then we talked to a girl selling gym memberships or something for like half an hour. She was a really strong Christian who fell away and just doesn’t feel like she can come to the Lord and repent. So we prayed over her too it was great. Chris also prayed for a lady with a cane. Today was good no miracles or crazy healings but we got to share some of Christ’s love. Just thought you might like to hear we are putting the stuff we learned from you and IVC into practice. There is no way we would have done this without your encouragement. We love you Jason. Bryce

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