Some pictures that describe a few things…

Some pictures that describe a few things (the pictures posted in opposite order of the write-up):

The first two pictures are of these two cars that blew up at about 3am in the morning a several weeks back…someone thought it would be funny to throw an old Christmas tree under a car, which ended up blowing these cars up and almost started a fire on the house they were parked in front of.

The next two pictures are of two different adventures/hikes that people in Isla Vista Church went on – every Saturday beginning at 4pm people within the church go on different adventure/hike/bike ride/walk on the beach together around Santa Barbara. I have been on several and have had a great time of fellowship and exploring! The guy in the first picture is a good buddy of mine that I met 7 years ago at the Rescue Mission in town. We have been friends and brothers in Christ ever since.

The following picture is the house Holly and I lived at with 20 plus people for over two years (05-07)…it recently caught fire, fortunately no one got hurt and the damage was not too severe. This house was in many ways my two years on the job seminary teaching on what it means to be the church, not just go to church.

And the last three describe some IV culture.

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