Shiloh (2005-2007) in Isla Vista

Here is a picture of the home/our room where Holly & I served as house dad and mom for 2 1/2 years (05-07) to 20+ people in IV.  Samuel was one month old when we moved into the home and Hope lived in the house for about 6 months.

Living in this home did many transformational things in me.  One main thing it did was it developed leadership, more than anything I have ever experienced.  God literally stretched me beyond what I thought I could stretch, broke me in the best possible way, and humbled me in my calling as a pastor (mostly by stripping the glamor and handing me a towel to wash His peoples feet).

However, if I was asked what was the main thing I learned living at Shiloh (the name of the community house) I would answer: love.  Shiloh taught me that the love of God is not, I will scratch your back now you need to scratch my back kind of love.  Rather, it is a love that gives everything (time, resources, possessions, money, and your entire life away) expecting nothing in return.  This kind of love is what I found from being immersed in countless lives with no way of avoiding people.  This is a love that only comes from Above.  This love, the love of God, was the only kind of love that would work, if I was going to be able to love the people of God day in and day out with a sincere and patient heart.  I could write for the days about our experiences living with 20+ people for 2 1/2 years; including everything from personal stories, having hundreds of people come through our home on a weekly basis, the church falling apart, and taking over the lead pastor role in 2007…but I will save that for another time or maybe a book one day.





  1. Yeah write a book!

  2. Chris Curry says:

    Love you Shiloh house and all that lived in it even more!

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