School of Discipleship Update

The Isla Vista School of Discipleship has been such a blessing this year to many students. These are some pictures of the women’s class I took this last quarter – a Beth Moore Study called Breaking Free. It was a wonderful experience for many of us, and I know I grew a ton from it!

Our next set of classes just started and one of them is at our house this time! We are doing a class on the Kingdom of Heaven, where we are going through a book and watching a DVD series together. We have dinner together, watch the DVD, then have a discussion/sharing time. We had our first class this last week and it was wonderful!

There is also a class on Kingdom Community, going through Deitrich Bonhoffer’s book “Life Together”, and a class on Hearing God, at an older woman’s house on Saturday mornings, who is a real mother in the faith and FULL of wisdom and insight on walking with God!

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