Relationships Teach us to Love, Situations Teach us to Trust

I love this woman and I could not ask for a better wife to do life with…she is the wisest person I know, has an incredible, beautiful heart, and continually pours out the love of God over our children day in & day out. 

Relationships teach us to love, situations teach us to trust.

God has not given me a relationship or person that has taught me more about His unconditional, sacrificial love than Holly…my wife is not glamorous in her love, she is simple and faithful. It is real, tangible, and has changed countless lives.

The Bible calls a wife a helpmate. Holly’s faith in Jesus as been her greatest help to me. We have been through wars; a deeper bond has formed between us through the battles of leading the church together and raising kids both in the natural and spiritual. Situations are invitations into trusting God, thankful my wife, like Abraham, has never wavered in unbelief over the years in IV but has grown stronger in faith giving glory to God the whole time (Romans 4:20).

I love you Holly Meredith Lomelino! And your middle name means ‘battle lord’ or ‘lord of battle’ – ha, ha.

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  1. this made me cry, I love it. so so soooo much

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