Our Fun Summer Location!

For the summer, our Sunday services are going to be at a park in IV… today was the first one and it was great! It is a cool park right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. There is a sand volleyball court, lots of beautiful green grass, and tables and benches there. We hung out and a bunch of people played volleyball for about the first hour today, then we gathered together and sang some songs, then Jason shared his brief message about Father God. Then we barbecued some hamburgers and had a nice dinner together! It was great fun! The kids really loved getting to be there and play with everyone.

One of the crazy things about today was that at the park there was one other group of people there with us, and they happened to be a bunch of the people who work at the Isla Vista Food Co-op! That was so crazy to me because that is one of the main places I shop for food now, and I have been getting to know (or at least recognize) a lot of the people that work there. God has given me a huge heart to see that place and the people come to know Jesus! So, I was really excited to see the Lord continue to confirm that He desires to work in those people’s lives! They’re beautiful people 🙂 Holly

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  1. Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett says:

    very cool!!! excited about what God is going to do in those relationships he is leading you in Holly.

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