New Prayer Meeting – Tuesday @ 7pm

A new prayer meeting began Tuesday @ the IV House of Prayer on the ending of abortion in Santa Barbara, the nation and the world. It will be every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm.

I just read this on someone’s FB status today:

65 million + babies have been murdered since 1973 on US soil.

This is not an argument or debate it’s a fact that nobody can dispute.

The womb has been turned into a gas chamber and America turns a blind eye.

Statistics are just numbers unless you put a face to them.

It doesn’t matter what god you believe in or if you even believe in one if you are human this should effect you.

I love helping other parts of the world but focusing on other nations problems doesn’t make ours disappear.

We have the greatest genocide happening in the world right now in our cities and we continue to act like its ok.

Blood is the same inside and outside of the womb and if a fetus is just tissue why can’t my fingernails express emotion?

* and the picture above is real – they had to open the womb of a woman to help this child live and when they did the hand of the baby reached out and grabbed the surgeon’s finger. When we die are bodies stay here, but our spirit leaves. We are a spirit, even before are bodies fully form. It has been said, “I am a spirit, that has a soul, who lives in a body.” I would agree.

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