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This next Tuesday @ 6pm a men’s group begins in IV (6784 Sueno #B)…check it out:

The Announcement:

There is a guys group starting up and facilitated by Tucker and Ian that will meet on Tuesday nights in IV at the guys Sueno house. The meeting will go from 6-8pm and will be every week all of next quarter. January 8th through March 12th.

The Vision: God is showing/teaching Ian and I about our need for a community of brothers to talk about sexual purity in our own lives. We are on a journey of healing and want to invite other young men into that journey. We have a desire to be over-comers in this area, and take the time to understand who God is for us in this place of sexuality, lust, purity, and love. I approached Ian about this hard and dark place in my life, and he responded that he had a similar heart to know the freedom of Jesus in this area as well.

So we are going to read a book called “pure desire” by Ted Roberts together. That will be the back bone of the group structurally. But the heart of the group is so beyond just a book or some silly cerebral discussion about purity. It’s not another failed accountability group or another works based purity gauntlet where we beat ourselves up as sinners who are separated from God because of our sex drives. We are sons coming into our inheritance and moving from within our union with Christ.

We want to really go after God’s heart for us in this place, and the vision is a group of men coming to a safe hospitable place to be really intimately involved with each other receiving wisdom and understanding for who we are as pure holy sons of God.

Invite: All guys are welcome. If you are anywhere on the spectrum of sexual purity please come. If you are in bondage to sexual sin and you desire to know the freedom of Jesus in this place, come. If You have testimony in this area of living and knowing the victory of Christ, please come. We want to gather to support one another as we love the women God put in out lives and love the city well.

This is a stronghold in IV and we are going to receive the gift of purity and righteousness for this city so it can release into our beloved out there on the streets.

It all about loving the King of Lovers,

Tucker J. Larson

Contact me if your interested:


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