love & honor, along with learning…

Today two incredible brothers, Mac & Justin, came over to hang with the family and I in the late afternoon. Later Caleb, another brother, came over to say hi and ended up sharing with us about needing prayer and strength for some stuff going on in his life right now, including a missions trip to Thailand that he is going on in the near future…both Samuel and Hope were in the room as we began to pray over Caleb and were able to watch Mac love and honor him through washing his feet, and hear Justin and their dad pray over him. Holly and I are so stoked to have our children growing up observing tangible acts of love and honor happening in our home. The kids later ended up praying for Justin, as he broke his collar bone a few weeks back.

This last picture is baby J sporting Justin’s glasses – classic!

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  1. Melissa B says

    so awesome jas!

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