Life in IV

Next to our home are 2 holes of a 9 hole Frisbee golf course…over the last few months the local gardeners, which we are on first name basis with, have been cleaning it up and making it easier for people to maneuver through the course. Samuel and Hope have been having a blast playing on this dirt mound that was created by the cleanup of the course…I am stoked on how much our kids enjoy the dirt and playing outside – the more I see them outside getting into things and making their own toys, the more I am convinced that the best toys for kids are the same ones that kids have been using from generation to generation: dirt, sticks, rocks, bugs, etc.



  1. The Ahlswedes says:

    Awesome! Love Hope's outfit!

  2. Melissa B says:

    LOVE it! this was dan's childhood – mixed with a big countryside of it, and building toy guns, holes, forts, etc! dan is a bit bummed this is not more apart of caleb's daily life.

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