J – Jesus
O – Others
Y – Yourself

This week has been full of JOY, as lots of the IVC family is starting to come home! During the summer people have gone all over the world…Turkey, Thailand, Haiti, Hawaii, New York, and different cities in California and the rest of the country with the good news of Jesus!

As hard as it’s seeing people come and go all the time due to living in a college town one of the greatest rewards is hearing stories of what God is doing throughout the world!

I love what the Apostle John said in 3 Jn 4,”I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” Gnarly, he had no greater joy then knowing that his spiritual children were walking in the truth.

It really is pure joy seeing people fall in love with Jesus and walk it out in wherever God has called them to go…God is good & always doing good stuff for all who believe!

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