Jesus is Alive

I love Jesus, I love testimonies, and bragging about Him!!

I received this last night in a Facebook message, so encouraged:

Hi Jason, my name is #*#* (a ladies name). I went to IVC a few times with a girl I knew. She knew how broken I was and begged me to go with her two years ago while I was living in Santa Barbara.

I wasn’t really around much but the three times I was there were so powerful I wanted to message you and tell you about how much you did for me. I will never forget the love and acceptance I felt in your house. I was living in the UCSB study room because I didn’t have a place to live because I was spending all my money on drugs and had not eaten in days the first time I went to your house. You guys invited me and make me feel so welcome. The warmth I felt has never left my heart. After I left Santa Barbara I went to a drug and alcohol treatment center and realized how bad my drug problem was. I realized I needed God to help me not drink anymore. Before I had met you and your IVC family I though that God couldn’t love me because of how I had been living. You guys showed me that loves me as I am. Because of the seed that you guys planted I was able to (and continue to) form a beautiful relationship with Christ and have been sober for two years.

I guess I just wanted to tell you how much the few times I went to your home meant to me and did for me. You guys lifted my contempt about God and the church. I’m so grateful that God put you all in my life when He did because I really needed it. Thanks for everything you do!



  1. So cooool!!!! Yay God!

  2. Dude! So amazing, this is what it’s about! This is encouraging!

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