Jesus Culture Conference

photo (8) photo (9) photo (10)This last weekend a small group of us went up to Redding for the Jesus Culture Conference.  It was an AMAZING weekend, as we watched God awaken a generation more and more to His love and goodness.

Both Cassie, who lives at the Jesus Burgers House, and I shared. Cassie was on a student panel with 5 others and did an incredible job testifying about the love of Jesus, Jesus Burgers, and the IV Church family.

The Jesus Culture team also created a video about Jesus Burgers that was shown to everyone. I should have it in the next month or so, and once I do I will post it here. People from all over the world watched as the entire conference was streaming live. A guy from Australia messaged me about how encouraged he was by the ministry in Isla Vista, along with others.

God is good, and Jesus is the hope of the nations!

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