Jesus Burgers – a few comments from 2009

I found these comments from an article on Jesus Burgers written in a local newspaper in 2009, kind words and all glory to Jesus:

Bob Romanelli says:

Thanks for a really good and honest article about Isla Vista Church and one of its most solid ministries to the community. Jesus Burgers is love in action. That’s what we need to see more of among people of all faiths. I think Jason Lomelino has it figured out: the institutional church just isn’t reflecting the Spirit of Christ, but the organic church, like the Early Church during the first 300 years of Christianity, is alive and well today, operating outside the institutional structures but inside the caring and compassion for other people that fills the pages of the New Testament book, The Acts of the Apostles. So God bless The Bottom Line for speaking out with fair and balanced news. Didn’t Jesus say, “Anyone who feeds a hamburger to a hungry college student feeds it also to me.” UCSB Bible Translation!

Alan says:

I had the distinct pleasure of living at the “Jesus Burgers” house for two years while in school at UCSB. It was the hardest, dirtiest, most-crowded, most-challenging place I have ever lived (which is saying something) and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I met so many incredible people while living on DP and got to live out my faith in an honest and open way. I saw SEVERAL couches be lit on fire (and one Volvo) and several people meet Jesus in a real and genuine way for the first time. There was quite a range. Haha. Good times!

Nice write up btw.

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