Jesus Burger Testimony From NC

This was a Facebook message from our friend Barbie who lives in North Carolina, she and her husband used to be a part of the church several years ago:

A girl and her 14 month old were playing trains with my kids in the kids section at Barnes & Nobles today and we started talking.

She was from San Diego, and when I told her I was from Santa Barbara, she lit up and laughed. “OH! The Old Me used to spend many a night partying up and down DP.” I laughed too and asked her if she had ever heard of Jesus Burgers, and she lit up again. “I got saved there,” she said. “And then I joined the army, met my husband, and that’s how I got here.” Now here she was, a great, loving mommy to her little girl, keeping herself busy meeting other mammas somewhere safe and nice while her husband was deployed.

So, I met a girl today, all the way across this vast continent, whose life had been touched by Jesus in the same place and with the same people that had raised me up in the Lord. Her name is Courtney— and Jason Lomelino, Jacob Reeve— she says hi. 🙂

How cool is God???!!

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  1. Absolute chills! WOW!!! PTL!

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