Jeremiah & the School Year are Here!

We are going full speed ahead now! Jeremiah arrived exactly one week after UCSB started… He finally showed his beautiful face at 10:19pm on Thursday, October 2nd, and we are so glad he is here! He has been an amazing baby this first week, and we are hoping for that to continue to be so! Samuel and Hope are very fond of him, though they have also thoroughly been enjoying their grandmothers being here this last week and giving them lots of extra attention!

UCSB is in full swing too, and that means Isla Vista Church has officially kicked off our 9 months of non-stop ministry & fun (well, we do get a slight break during the holidays)! The Lord has so graciously provided a larger location for us to meet in for this school year — it is a rec room in one of the off-campus dorms (Tropicana Gardens) and there is great favor there as the director and many of the RA’s are believers.

Jesus Burgers has begun, and there is a lot of excitement this year for this ministry. A lot of people from different campus ministries and other churches are getting involved this year.

The Isla Vista School of Ministry classes have also begun and so far everyone seems to really be enjoying them. Jason is teaching one of these classes, going through Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of the Disciplines”. There are two other classes, one on relationships in the Kingdom (everything from the Trinity to relationships with our friends & the opposite sex), and the other class is on the Covenental Kingdom.

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