Hope & Daddy Time

Last week Hope and I went for a walk together…there are a few cool trails located on the outskirts of IV. For both Samuel and Hope their 1-on-1 time with dad is their favorite! They love mom so much, but when they just get dad alone they both think that it’s the best!

Hope is so funny – in the last picture we came to this enclosed area, picture 3, and she told me, “we need to be quiet daddy because their are baby lions over there and they want to eat us.” She kept putting her finger to her mouth and telling me what was about to happen if we did not keep quiet, as you can imagine great fear came upon me 🙂



  1. Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett says

    so sweet!!!!! i love that you try to have one on one time – that is so special!

  2. Kimberly Peterson says

    LOVE Hopie's face in these 🙂 she's hilarious!

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