Homeschooling Fun

Getting to homeschool the kids is one of my favorite things in life right now…
There are so many amazing things we get to do together and read and learn together, and we are all enjoying it tremendously.  I have a lot of other pictures and posts I would love to get up at some point, but my friend who did this activity just e-mailed me these pictures and I wanted to quickly put them up on here.
It was such a blessing at this late stage of pregnancy for my friend Heather to come over with her three kids and do this lesson on marsupials with the kids.  They had so much fun reading some books and learning about marsupials, then making these little kangaroo pouches and hopping all around the yard.
Combining learning and fun and physical activity is one of the big blessings of getting to homeschool.  The kids are doing “school” all of the time without even realizing it!
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