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photo (11)photo (8)We have a Home Group that meets once a week in Isla Vista…here are a few pictures from last week and a description of the group:

We decided to start a home group because we want to create a culture where every believer walks in signs and wonders. Paul said in Romans 15:19 that he had FULLY proclaimed the gospel by the power of the Spirit and by the working of miracles. Without the power of the Spirit we only have part of the good news.

Touching the people around you with God’s love is not for “special” believers; and that is what we want to show people. Every believer has been assigned the task to bring heaven to earth.

Most of us want to see God’s Kingdom come to our families, our classmates, and people on the streets but we have not been taught that it is possible. We want to help demystify the supernatural and show that it is possible for the everyday believer to heal the sick, prophesy, and bring heaven everywhere we go.

Every Wednesday @ 7pm @ 6588 Segovia Road, Apt 6 in IV

If you have any questions please feel free to email Jeremy and Marissa @ superman.jeremy@gmail.com

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