Halloween Weekend

Halloween in IV this year was special, as the Lord heard our prayers from 24/7 prayer leading up to this weekend. I heard of many people praying to receive Christ or recommitting their life back to Him, not to mention countless stories of God’s love touching people and helping people through us on both Friday and Saturday night.

There was a guy named Alex from San Diego that a few of us started praying for because he had broken his arm several months back but was still experiencing pain. When we started praying for him he said, “I don’t need prayer for my arm, but for my heart. I need Jesus.” After we finished praying outside, I took him into our prayer shed where I continued to listen to him and pray with him. By the time I was done praying, he was crying and confessing His faith and need for Jesus in his life.

Ah, so many amazing testimonies this weekend, God is so good!

Check out Derika’s blog for a few pictures:


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  1. The Ahlswedes says:

    Wow, how awesome. I want to hear more stories!

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