Funny Kids

These are a few pictures from the last couple of days. The first is the look Hope went with for church today…we changed it out before 4pm, but quite classic.

The second was a birthday party that took place at our house this week for our friends daughter Noah who turned 3, Samuel was an army tiger!

The next is Jeremiah and Hope’s new activity…”push me Jeremiah!” Both think it is hilarious, literally baby J pushed Hope around our house like x7 in one day this week. He should be walking soon!

And the last is Samuel making orange juice…he picked the oranges, peeled the oranges w/a knife and goggles, and juiced the oranges himself. Goggles were his choice.



  1. Casa Sonrisa says:

    Hello, Lomelinos!! I CANNOT believe how big and precious your children are! I stumbled across your blog through Tracy's and can't wait to keep myself updated! Big hugs to you guys!

  2. Awesome, miss you guys. I asked Jacob about coming up with him for Sunday… he mentioned it a couple weeks ago. I will give him a call again. Hope to see you soon!

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