“I also wanted to let you know that it’s because of you guys, it’s because of Jesus Burgers, it’s because of the books, the videos, the whole ministry, and the whole encounter I had while I visited IV that God has spoken to me, gave me a vision, and is now calling me to do something similar to that of Jesus Burgers and the Upper Room. I long to see revival and my campus awakened & I long to see people completely wrecked by the power of God’s love. It is because of the ministry and all that you guys are doing that has sparked something within me to do the same. I have shared this vision and dream with numerous people in my life who are so fired up to see something like what you guys are doing here in our city. As I’ve said in my previous email, I’m the upcoming president of the Christian club at my school alongside one of my best friends who is on board with the whole vision as well as some of our mentors and community reps who support us in all that we do. We understand and God has clearly conveyed that if we want to see revival on our campus and see people changed and set free from the bondage of sin, we are going to have to invest time into them, something a lot of Christians don’t understand. We understand that us two 15 year olds have a great calling upon our lives. I believe that we are the ones who are called to come into intercession for our city, for our campus, and for the people God loves in this city, to be the battlefront in this great time to call on God and the Holy Spirit to bring Heaven on earth and see lives saved, changed, and transformed. I believe that if we want to see revival, that is what it is going to take. 

The ministry and the things you all are doing to glorify the kingdom is sort of like our blueprint. I have just been so inspired to do the same, and I guess this is just some sort of encouragement that what you guys are doing is something that is impacting other people and not to mention for ETERNITY. It is so funny how God works sometimes. Like honestly, who would’ve thought I’d end up in IV over my spring break when I was initially supposed to fly out to North Carolina? Who would’ve known or even thought I would have met Jason & Holly and some of the IVC family, and have people there prophesy over me? And that’s just it. It was all God’s doing. That just goes to show that God’s plans are always greater, always far more better than what our plans are.
I just encourage you and whoever else is reading this to continue to persevere in this ministry and in all that you all are doing even when times get tough. Time invested into the Kingdom will leave a legacy that will last for all of eternity. It’s because of all of you, your testimonies, your dedication to the city and it’s people your guys’ hearts break for, the driven passion you all have within your hearts to see people wrecked by God’s love, your perseverance even when times get tough, and all in all this great ministry you all have invested time into to see a city changed and transformed that has sparked something within me to start something similar here in my city. 
Yes, I have this great vision and dream, but I’m not going to sugar coat anything, it gets tough sometimes. Sometimes I lose hope because I don’t even know where to begin. I’m a 15 year old in high school. What 15 year old thinks this way? What 15 year old has the passions the way I do? Not too many. Sometimes it’s hard being different. It’s hard living a life that is completely opposite of what the world teaches let alone wanting and feeling the call to starting a ministry like this. But I’m not allowing that to get in my way. I’m choosing to ignore the discouragement, the fear, my flesh, and all the things the enemy is trying to implement within me and throw my way that will cause me to quit because I know that God is greater and His plans exceed my expectations. Time to time again, I always find myself going on to your guys’ website and watching the videos you guys post. That is my source of encouragement that allows me to visually see that with God, all things are possible and if you guys can do it, then I can do it too. 
Maybe even sometime in the near future, you guys can collaborate with us. I’m really hoping that sometime this summer I, with those who are in the same boat as me in terms of starting this ministry, can visit IVC, Jesus Burgers, & the Upper Room. And in the mean time, I am so excited to see more videos and read more things about what is happening in Isla Vista and in the city God wants to redeem and currently is redeeming. There’s fire from heaven that is being unleashed there. Heaven is touching earth and God is doing some miraculous things. I’m just excited to be living in a time where something extraordinary is happening for the kingdom of God and am thankful I am able to keep up with it all.
I just hope that as I start this journey, I can be in contact with you all along the way. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I appreciate it. Hope to hear back from you soon.”
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