Here is an encouragement from Jesus Burgers last week:
Hey Jason!
I got a text this morning from one of my co-workers who went to the DP girls house last night crying. It’s such an amazing text and encouragement
and wanted to share it with you!!
She doesn’t know the Lord…yet..and this is on the heels of her telling me that she grew up hating Christians and how they act but that the people from ivc
are changing her perception of Christians and are some of the nicest and most amazing¬†people she’s ever met. hahah
“Hey allie, thanks for calling! I have to say the girls and people in the jb house are so incredible, i’m seriously so lucky to have felt the need to go in there tonight and am so grateful for the love they gave me. I still can’t get over how much better i feel from that experience.¬† thank you!”
soo good! haha
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