Two years ago a beautiful sister in the Lord was introduced to Holly and I, along with the IVC family…she has graduated UCSB now, moved to Spain, and is still living an amazing life for Jesus.

She wrote a blog this week to different churches that she has been apart of, to the IVC family she wrote,

“When I went to college, I never though that I would find a place as satisfying as my church back home, but I found you (sadly 2 years in) because of a weird encounter in Greece with a certain armenian (who we all love) who became my spiritual sister and introduced me to all of you. And what a wonderful bunch you are. You showed me that it is ok to look weird, to let my hair down…basically to become God’s little hippy. I love being God’s little hippy. You taught me that no matter how much I stressed,(and no matter how scared I was to lead worship for you), that God speaks through those who are weak and who are willing. Thank you for teaching me to live the life of Jesus.”


We love you Tamara, missing your incredible love and generous heart in IV…thanks for all you sowed into us and for the life you’re living!

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