Coming & Going

One of the hardest and amazing things about being in a college town is people are always coming & going…hard b/c you love them so much and sad to see them go, amazing b/c they are taking the gospel back to their hometown or the nations!

In this picture everyone besides the one guy with the beard (Derrin) and the gal in the purple (Carly) are gone..I think this picture is from 2007 or maybe 2008. Our friend Alexa Wan took this shot, we miss her too!

God is good, always sending us some of the most genuine and incredible people that I have ever met…I must say though, things are changing in IV and people are beginning to plant deeper roots with us!!  Such an answer to years of prayer, thank you Jesus for those that have heard Your call to dwell in the land cultivating faithfulness with us!

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