Church is a Family

This is part of an update from Francis Chan about his current life situation.  I really like it, as it touches on two important truths:

1. church is not a place we go to, but a family we belong to.

2. the church in America is not the model or the example of how to do it.
“Speaking to underground church leaders in China was equally enlightening.  Most surprising to me was their response when I told them about “church” in America.  I did not expect the response I got when I explained how common it is for people to switch churches if they find another with better child-care, better music, or a more gifted speaker.  They laughed really hard.  It was weird.  It was like they thought I was joking.  It opened my eyes to the uniqueness of our situation.  Remember that India and China combined represent almost 40% of the world’s population.  The U.S. represents about 4%.  Too often I have looked at other cultures as being strange.  I forget that we are the minority…”

Post by Jason

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