Church Camping Trip

There is something special about living life together with other people, not just doing church together. I think this is why I (Jason) absolutely love retreats! I even love the ones that when you show up at 3:30pm on Friday afternoon in your air-conditioned van and the temperature gage reads 107 degrees outside! About 20 of us headed up the 154 off of Paradise Rd, about 30 minutes or so from IV, to go camping this last weekend…like always, it was a great time together!

I dropped Holly off at the SB Airport early on Friday with baby J to fly out to Oklahoma to her grandpa’s 90th B-Day, which means I was in charge of Samuel and Hope. Let’s just say I am no momma; however, the kids had a blast and thought sleeping in a tent was awesome….not to mention going to bed a bit later, eating a few things mom is not a big fan of, and missing a few naps. The ship seems to drive a little differently when dad is steering it, not always intentionally, it just kind of happens.

On Saturday we took about a 15 minute drive to Solvang to a great park that had lots of grass and most importantly, lots of shade. One of the highlights from the weekend was this epic water war that broke out while we were at the park. The pictures give you a good idea of what happened, especially the one of Jose sneaking up on Robyn with a few gallons of water. Samuel was cracking me up during the war, as he was running around with his little gun shooting people with water, while others were pouring gallons on each other. Let’s just says that mercy triumphing over judgment got the boot during the water fight. Afterwards we got some ice cream together and headed back to our site for dinner and hanging out together.

The last picture was taken by Paul Carr in the dried out riverbed by our campsite of a battle between a deer and a crawdad…the winner is = the crawdad!

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