Christmas in Isla Vista

Just wanted to do a quick post and check in with what is happening in this college town! Isla Vista is a very unique community in so many ways, and one of the unique things about it is that during the holidays it gets almost completely empty! Finals ended last week and now almost everyone is gone! The streets are empty and there will be plenty of parking for the next few weeks!

It is nice to take these slower seasons to just spend a little more “family time” together with the few IVC people who are still around, so we had a fun Christmas service in the prayer shed, complete with Jeremiah playing the baby Jesus 🙂 We sang Christmas hymns, read the Christmas story verses, and even had a cello player! It was beautiful! This Friday we are having a Christmas party at our house with the few people left in town and then we will have a Sunday gathering at our house before we take off for Jason’s parents’ house in Monday! Should be lots of fun!

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