Childlike Faith

Life can be serious at times, though I have found that I can make it more serious than it needs to be…children have a way of keeping things simple, light-hearted, and fun.  I once heard someone say that seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit, ha ha.  It actually offended me when I first heard it, though over the last two years I have grown to appreciate the comment.

I cannot tell you what a blessing being a dad is…and how I am daily amazed by ALL that God teaches me through watching my children interact with me and others who visit our home.  In this picture Jeremiah was sharing with Andy out of his favorite magazine, National Geographic, about owls and other stuff.  I was laughing watching the two of them discuss stuff from the magizine and in awe of the wonder that kids inately have in life.

God is good, and childlike faith helps us to believe this.

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