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This last week there has been a conference taking place in SB called, “Power & Love.” I have never been a big conference fan for a variety of reasons, but I felt I was supposed to go and bring as many young people from IV as I could. Well, to say the least I have been blown away by the teaching and all the good things that God did in my own life, my wife’s life, and all the people that have gone. The men running the conference are really big on getting the church out of the four walls and into everyday life. One way they do this is they teach us stuff and then they have us break up into groups and go into the city to have lunch, cruise around, shop, etc…but while we are out we are listening for the Spirit’s direction and putting the love on people (sounds like the ministry of Jesus). I have only been able to go out once this week, though the time I went out, Todd White, who was one of speakers, asked me if he could go out with the crew I was with. We had such a blast loving people and seeing people getting healed of various things! Right from the beginning there was this gal sitting on a bench right in front of Borders Bookstore on State St. She had her left hand all wrapped up, so I walked up to her, introduced myself, and asked her what was wrong with her hand. She began to explain to me how the ligament in her finger was messed up and how she could not touch her thumb to the rest of her fingers. So I asked if I could pray for her and she said sure. So I put out my hand with my palm facing up to have her rest her hand on mine and then I put my other hand on top of it and asked God in the name of Jesus to heal her hand.

It was a short prayer, filled of faith, and God’s love for her. She said ‘Thanks for praying for me.’ I knew when she said that she was expecting me to say have a good day and move on, but I said ‘You should try to move your finger, because it may be healed.’ So she thought about it and then to her great surprise, wide-eyed, was able to move her thumb to touch the rest of her fingers. I then asked her on a scale of 100, how much better was it? She said 90. So I said ‘Well let’s keep praying,’ and without any hesitation she stretched her hand back out and this time as I was praying she said her hand was getting warm (which is a good sign that God is touching it). Once we were done praying she was completely healed, so thankful, and so receptive to the love of God. I later saw her using her healed hand to eat her lunch with a big smile on her face.

Thank You Jesus for expressing Your love in such a tangible way! “..they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:18)

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  1. Kimberly Peterson says

    Cool, J 🙂

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