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I went into the bathroom at the Jesus Burger House and happened to grab a book sitting on top of the toilet. As I flipped through some pages and read, suddenly God started speaking to me out of this book.  The Lord has communicated to me often out of unexpected places ever since I had received Christ over a random radio station I came upon as a young teen years back.
So I was on the toilet in this bathroom trying to discern what God was saying to me when all of a sudden “bang, bang, bang” somebody was knocking on the door really hard and wanted in that bathroom.  “What’s up with the psycho banging?” I shouted. It turned out to be six drunk girls who were trying to barge into the bathroom—they were demanding that they get in—while I sat on the toilet yelling, “Leave me alone a minute here would ya? God’s speaking to me here and you’re interrupting.”

Those crazy girls seemed like they were going to bust the door down so I quickly finished, jumped up, and ran out the door, sidestepping them as they all rushed in.  One girl fell down and began to puke all over the floor.  “Wow, if it’s Friday and people are puking on the floor I must be in Isla Vista at Jesus Burgers.” I said as I walked down the hall, fixated on the book I was reading.

I went into a bedroom where the glory came down as the Lord flooded me with his presence; I was struggling with a lingering cold and feeling a bit weak.  The Lord filled me with a fresh touch of power and gave me some new strength.

Fully ready for what God had in store now, I went out into the living room and straight into some divine appointments. One was with a young guy who I ended up talking with for a few hours.  Questions were being fired at me about this and that: what about the crusades? What about Christians who do this or that?  I shared about the love of Jesus with him and I think I was able to answer a lot of his questions and finally had a breakthrough, praying with him and leading him to the Lord at about 2:30 am.
Meanwhile, my wife Mercedes was outside on the street prophesying over some guys she met with our friend Scott Martinis.  She prophesied to one of the guys on the street she met that he had been on a search for God without realizing it, the young man was quite surprised by her words and taken aback, then his eyes began to well up with tears, touched by the revelation that God knew he was seeking him.  He was opened up and Mercedes led him to the Lord out there somewhere around 2:00 am as well.

In spite of the loud music, raucous environment, and occasional flying beer bottle, God was at work; not only did I lead this one guy to the Lord but witnessed to and prayed with many others as well.

There was another guy who kept talking to me about surfing when a guy from the house asked us to join them in praying.  This guy I was talking to about surfing wasn’t a believer but we invited him to pray with us anyways.   When he joined in I laid my hands on him and asked the Holy Spirit to touch him.  It was clear that God’s presence had penetrated spiritual walls he had up and was touched and looked like he was going to cry, but was trying not to.  Afterwards he gave me a big hug and said we’ll have to talk more later about all this Jesus stuff, and, wiping his eyes, he took off.  God’s touch went past his intellectual barriers as the presence of the Holy Spirit planted seeds of the kingdom in his heart.

My wife Mercedes also witnessed to and prayed for many others as well.  We realized Jesus himself would be very comfortable here as He was accused of being a drunkard himself for hanging out with wine bibbers and publicans.

Divinely Orchestrated Guidance While Stumbling in the Dark

A spiritual connection with what is happening in IV came years back through what seemed like just a wrong turn in the night.

Roughly eighteen years ago my wife and I went up to Santa Barbara for her birthday. Born on November 1st, we ended up being in Santa Barbara on Halloween night.
We were cruising around and ended up north past Santa Barbara when I saw a familiar off-ramp on the freeway.

Having surfed on a college team with UCSB as one of our competitors, I had been in competitions while staying in a little surf shack in the area back in the day.  I took the off ramp deciding to have a look at the old surf spot and maybe have a nice walk on the beach.
We took a wrong turn somewhere though and ended up smack in the middle of Isla Vista where UCSB earns its reputation as one the heaviest party schools in the nation, right on the absolute craziest party night of the year.

We suddenly found ourselves unable to drive any further, surrounded by loads of students in costumes and togas and some in, umm…no costumes at all, drinking and walking up and down the packed street.  I slowly inched the car over to the side of the road and parked it.
“Did you see that? A guy just threw a keg off that balcony!”  I told Mercedes as it rolled down the road with people jumping out of the way.  It was like watching a car crash, we just sat there with our jaws hanging down staring out the window taking it all in.

“I think we’re gonna be stuck here for a while. Why don’t we just pray a bit for this area—there is nothing else to do,” I said.  My next thought was, “What am I thinking—what am I even doing here?”

“Our little impromptu prayer session got invaded by God speaking to us that he was “going to pour out His Spirit here in the future.”  “What? Is that right? Maybe I’m just getting affected by all the alcohol fumes,” I thought.

We saw a hole in the drone of people and made our getaway and drove out of there, our senses a bit overwhelmed by all we just experienced. I would slightly remember that incident for the next few years if we happened to drive by the area but over time the memory faded.

God’s Timing—Often Different Than Man’s

The years rolled by, but just about two years ago, we were returning from ministering in Monterey, Salinas, and Santa Maria, and were headed back to Southern California late at night through Buellton when we got a phone call from our friend Lauren Dowler.
She told us that she thought we should come by Isla Vista and meet some of her friends who are involved in this “Jesus Burgers ministry.”  “Yeah, but it is 11:00 at night. Isn’t it a little late?”  “No, it’s fine, just pray about it and call me back.”
We prayed and felt led to go: “Yeah we’re coming, just hope we don’t end up sleeping on the floor, done that enough on this trip.

It was mostly college students who were hanging out so the fact that we arrived around midnight wasn’t a big deal.

We ended up staying the night and of course sleeping on the floor but it turned out to be well worth the slightly sore butt and shoulders.

The Word Given Us in the Halloween Mayhem Begins its Fulfillment

The next morning we were talking with Jason, the pastor of the Jesus Burgers ministry, when somehow the conversation veered towards the Jesus People Revival. I realized I had a little video with me that we had just picked up on the Central Coast about the Jesus People and Lonnie Frisbee.

We started showing the video and right in the middle the Holy Spirit started falling on people sitting around including Jason, his wife Holly, and his worship leader Mac who happened to be observing everything from underneath his hoody.  We began to pray for those who were being touched and the Spirit began to be poured out in power, spreading God’s glory onto people who were trickling into the house.

As more and more people showed up, the power of God continued to be poured out throughout the day, touching those who came in.  We found ourselves in the middle of a roughly five-hour outpouring with bodies strewn all over, slain by the manifest power, presence, and glory of God.
Some people told us later, “I just felt the Lord leading me to come here today and didn’t know why, I drove over and wow, what an encounter with God!”  Some told us that they had never been filled with God’s power like this ever before.

After five hours of reveling in the glory and praying for others, we realized we hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day long.  We were offered some water and some sardines as something of a joke since it’s a dish we’ve suffered through on many mission trips.  I was glad to have anything to eat though, after being in the intensity of an all-day Holy Ghost outpouring.
My last sardine was sliding down my throat when a guy asked if we were up for hitting the waves for a little afternoon surf session.

We were getting ready to drive up the coast a bit to find some waves but one of the guys took a quick look out at Campus Point by the university, and came back saying: “It never, ever, breaks in summer like this, but it’s actually breaking right out front and looking pretty good.”  We quickly grabbed the boards and headed out into the refreshing blue waters, rejoicing to surf some fun zippy miracle waves on Campus Point right after a glorious Holy Ghost outpouring.

As I sat there in the lineup on my board, gazing at the crystal reflections of the sun striking the water, I suddenly realized that the still small voice we had heard speaking about an outpouring in Isla Vista eighteen years earlier while stuck in the car in the middle of the party craziness, was God revealing His plan for the area.

Although we thought we had just made a wrong turn, we had actually stumbled right into God’s plan. What seemed like a random phone call while driving late at night through Buelton was actually a divine appointment that led us into a Holy Ghost outpouring the next day.  Riding this bit of miracle surf at the moment was another sign of His hand over every last thing taking place; He is Master even over the waves.

Each detail of what had taken place reflects the reality that He is orchestrating our steps. Finding a random book on top of the toilet in the DP house spoke something into my life. Six drunk girls banging on the door caused me to go out and seek to hear more clearly from God, which led to a fresh touch and straight into a divine appointment with a young guy in the living room of the house who came into the Kingdom of God that night.

Surely he orders our steps. Even in the things that seem random and chaotic, we can see His hand if we take a close and discerning look.

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