Big Bear

This last weekend we had our annual Big Bear trip as an extended family – parents, sisters, their husbands, older sister’s kids, and a cousin.

It was such a blast…super fun, refreshing, and a great time of being together! We were so thankful for being able to spend a little time with my family in the mountains, the weather was epic too.

I am amazed at the work of redemption that God has done in our family, it’s evidence of the His power to change and transform lives by faith in Christ…glory to you God!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:



  1. Melissa B says:

    Loved our time together!!!! love you guys

  2. Chris Emerling says:

    Is the woman in the second to last picture your sister by any chance? She looks like you.

  3. Jason Lomelino says:

    Yep Chris, along w/the gal coming down w/Samuel on the alpine slide…such a great wkend!

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