Big Bear Retreat

The church retreat at the end of March to Big Bear was great! Most of us went up on the Friday and returned back late Sunday. We had a good time hanging out together, eating together, going for a hike on Saturday, playing games, worshipping, and being away in the mountains…God definitely refreshed us, not to mention that we woke up Sunday morning to snow! That was awesome, thank you Jesus…however, the snow did bring a funny panic to the group about how to get down the mountain – I guess this is what happens when for some people it was seeing snow for their first time.

Oh yeah, to give you an idea of our sleeping arrangement – the cabin had a maximum capacity sign out front of it that said, “8 people max”…we had over 20 people so bodies were everywhere . Fortunately, the cabin belongs to the parents of a brother in the fellowship so we had the a-ok.

And the major highlight of the retreat was this 12 year old boy named Isaiah, who has been hanging around the fellowship for the last year or so with his single parent mom, accepted Jesus into his life Saturday night after our time of worship together…it was amazing! We baptized him the following Tuesday and he has been in the Word and growing ever since!

This is becoming an annual retreat for the church, hopefully we can continue it again next year!

* a few of the pictures are of a progressive snow ball fight that happened on our hike, Isaiah is in the blue long sleeve shirt.

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  1. Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett says:

    so cool to hear about Isaiah! and the things you guys have been up to.

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