Art With the Kids

A few weeks ago our dear friend Allie, an IVC and DP House alum who now lives in the Bay Area, came over to do some art lessons with our children.  She teaches art to 4-7 year olds in her hometown, and was excited to share her expertise with our family!  The kids had such an amazing time and it was so great seeing their creativity as she encouraged them and showed them some new mediums to work with and new ways to use them!  We try to do art once a week in our own “homeschool” and have used lots of different mediums before, but oil pastels is one of the few we haven’t used and that was what she brought for them!  They did a combo of oil pastels with watercolors and made some impressive creations.  Thank you Allie for doing this, and thank You Jesus for all the different people You’ve put in our lives with so many different skills and gifts that they share with our family!

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