An Exciting Sunday Gathering

Sunday, December 6, 2009  4pm

bikes parked in the front of our house
we ran out of seats this Sunday!

a view from the back

a view from the front 🙂
worship was awesome!

a view from the patio

inside the house eating after the service

people in the back still praying way after the gathering ended

Jason & Clay praying for someone in the kitchen while everyone is eating
We had one of our most amazing gatherings of the school year this last Sunday!  For one thing, we have been so blessed by having so many new students coming on Sundays…each Sunday we are excited to have a whole new group of people we’ve never met before showing up!  And this Sunday was no different!
This Sunday a group of young people from the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry was here with us, leading the service.  It was such a fun time! 
Basically, we just want to testify of the things we are seeing God do out here, with bringing a growing group of UCSB students into family, a family where we are seeing God’s love poured out in ever increasing ways.  We are seeing God speak into people’s lives and He is using each other to give prophetic words of encouragement to one another.  We are also seeing Him heal people!  On Sunday alone, a guy’s eye got healed of pink eye (he came with it all red and left with it cleared up and white again after getting prayer from a word of knowledge), a guy’s knee got healed, a few people’s legs grew out causing back pain to be healed, and lots of people got prayed over and ministered to in really powerful ways.
We had such an amazing time together just watching God work and bless people.  After the service, people were all over the house eating and fellowshipping and praying for each other, and there were several groups of people still out in the back praying and watching God do these awesome things!  It was so fun to all be together and to have all of these people so hungry for God and watching Him touch them and speak to them!
We are praising God for this exciting season He has been taking us into in Isla Vista!  May Jesus be the banner over this city and the satisfaction of students hearts.  We’re expecting great things in 2010, as most students take off this week once finals are done.


  1. Awesome!

  2. In your gathering,if you use the bible,look at Psm.83:18,you could learn something new as I did.My name is Alfred Lomelino from Indiana.

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