A Family Trip To Nor Cal

16 of us from the IVC family went up to Redding, California this last week for the UCSB Spring Break…there is a church located in Redding that is experiencing the love and power of God in a radical way. It was such an honor to be involved with this church for a week and meet different students that are attending The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. The majority of our trip was just being together as a family and going to different meetings, attending some classes, and immersing ourselves in their culture. As you can see from these pictures we had an incredible time!

And without me writing a small story book, we had a crazy experience at in In & Out restaurant in Fresno on the way back to IV…healings broke out & we prayed over several people between eating our food – it was gnarly! The one picture you see is of this gal whose arm was in a sling because she had messed up her rotator cuff and could not use her arm. After two of the gals on our trip prayed for her, God completely healed it right in the middle of the restaurant…c’mon, amazing! She ended up taking off her sling and moving her arm around, and she was tripping out to say the least…God is good, always!

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