9 Years of Love

Today marks 9 years of being married…it has been by far the best years of my life (hopefully Holly can say the same)!

In these 9 years we have had 4 wonderful children and we absolutely love the life we have been called to live together…I can’t say it has been easy, but I can easily say it has been worth it! God has been faithful to us and faithful in growing our love for one another..I am way more in love with Holly today than when we first got married!

Holly and I are finding that married life only gets better every year…growing more and more into the one flesh that Jesus promised us when we entered into the covenant of marriage on August 17th, 2002.

“and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh.” – Jesus

Here is the home that Holly and I first met at in 2001…it’s located in IV on Sabado Tarde. It was love at first sight, just playing…our love grew with time, not sight, and has only continued to grow over the years!

I love you Holly, happy 9 years today Beautiful!

* bottom right corner is the unit we met in

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  1. Awesome guys! Your love for each other shows in the joy of your children's eyes. Here's to many many more blessed, rich, and full years..

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