3-Day Conference @ Our Home

We had the most amazing weekend hosting a 3-day conference at our home! The testimonies and stories of all the good things that happened are endless…the conference began Friday evening and ended after midnight on Sunday w/people slowly trickily out of our home.

To sum up the weekend it’s probably easiest by saying it in one word: love

Knowing the love of God and experiencing it with one another. Saturday night we were able to take the majority of those who were attending the conference out to Jesus Burgers – it was one of the best nights of the year as we saw several people receive Christ and over 20 people being physically healed of different things on Del Playa!

Jesus is so so good, life is fun when we do it with Him! This song sums up our weekend and everyone who was apart of it:


Thank you Jesus!

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  1. Melissa B says:

    enjoying getting caught up with you guys through your posts! xo, mel

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