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Our beloved brother and friend, along with worship leader for the IVC family, got engaged on Friday! His fiance Braelyn just moved up here from Orange County a few weeks ago…this is such an exciting time for the IVC family as couples are starting to get engaged and Lord willing we will have multiple wedding celebrations this year!

More heaven in 2011!

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Worship Team

With the growth in IVC this year we had a worship team meeting the other week with some of the musicians in the family…it was good for us to get on the same page and begin to think about how to raise other people up to lead and help out with worship.

Church to me is a family, which is why these kind of meetings are nothing more then a “family meeting” taking care of “family business.” I am honored to do life with some incredible and loving people, future history makers of their generation!

* the bottom picture is a bookshelf in one of the guys rooms at the dp house, you’ve got to appreciate their ingenuity

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Jesus Burgers

Jesus Burgers this Saturday night was amazing! The love of God was evident, as it is every Saturday, at 6686 Del Playa…so many testimonies over the years! 2011 marks the 10 year anniversary of seeing these love hamburgers soften hearts and change lives!

On a funny note, this Saturday, Joseph Granado (the grill master and pastor of this night) was home with his wife who was not feeling good…so Justin, one of the guys who lives at the DP House, went to start up the grill with his face kind of close to it. As he dropped a match into it in order to ignite it, the biggest fireball ever came out of the grill practically engulfing him. At the time this was not funny, but now it’s hilarious…knowing Justin’s personality makes this a lot funnier, but immediately he was like, “Is my beard still there?  Are my eyebrows okay?”…poor guy, he for sure lost some hair by getting a little trim in the front.

Ah, so many stories of love, humor, and the goodness of God from all my years being in IV cooking up these hamburgers.

“A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.” (Prov 18:16)

* Kyle took over for Justin after the episode, helmet and all.

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IVC Worship – Jesus, How You Shine

Our friend Josh Morton recorded about 6 minutes of worship on Sunday:!/video/video.php?v=10150389460485122&comments

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Family Time

The new quarter has begun and we are so stoked that a lot of the iv family is back, minus some of our SBCC students…more heaven in 2011!

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Baby J

Our little man went to the dentist the other day, these pictures crack me up…I love this guy so much!

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